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What’s the difference between a Bias and Radial tire? Which one do I need?

Bias ply Tire (used to be known as cross-ply tire)
The cords forming the carcass are intersected diagonally at about 45 degrees with respect to the tread center line.


  • – Easy to maneuver steering while at low speeds.
  • – Smooth driving
  • – Less complicated tire construction and, typically lower cost
  • – Suitable for heavy loads
  • – Rugged design and sidewall puncture resistance


  • – The tread is easily distorted
  • – Able to break or explode easily
  • – Short service life


Radial Tire
The cords forming the carcass are arranged perpendicularly (90°) to the center line of the tread or in a radial direction from the center of the circle.


  • – High-speed durability.
  • – Low heat generation.
  • – Low rolling resistance, contributing to fuel saving.
  • – Better wear resistance.
  • – Excellent cornering ability and stability.
  • – Less slipping and high traction force.


  • – Increased vulnerability to abuse when overloaded or under-inflated. The sidewall tends to bulge which could cause damage and puncture.
  • – Poor handling due to low lateral stiffness causes the tire oscillation to increase with vehicle speed.



Radial tires gained widespread popularity in the ’70s. Their structures of laid canvas and steel fibers along the tread makes the sidewall with a better grip on the road. . They can also withstand more continuous heat at high speeds without the risk of “exploding..
Depending on your need, a bias ply tire might be a better option if you’re not driving at a high speed, or your machine is carrying a heavy load.
Not sure which tire you need? Contact us and we’ll find it for you


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