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What do the numbers on a tire mean?

What is on the sidewall of a tire? Otrusa.com will present to you what these numbers and letters stand for.  The numbers indicate the size and type of the tire. We are going to look at all the basic details on those numbers and letters.


For example Number on a tire


315 is the section width (mm)
80 is the aspect ratio.
R means radial construction.
22.5 is the rim diameter(inch)


    • The tire width is measured in millimeters starting from one sidewall to the other. For example,
      a tire sold on OTRUSA.COM has 315/80R22.5 on its sidewall then the width is 315 millimeters.


    • The next indicator is the ASPECT RATIO, this is the tire height measured from the cross section to the width. In this case the number is 80 meaning that the height equals to 80% of the width of this tire.



    • Next, you will see a letter; this indicates what type of tire it is. For example, This tire has an R letter meaning it is a Radial tire. In a radial tire the tread and the sidewall function independently, more power is transferred onto the road. A bias tire on the other hand is made from multiple layers of rubber overlapping making the sidewall and the crown work as one. There are both types of tires available at OTRUSA.COM


    • The last number tells us what the wheel diameter is. The diameter is measured from one end to the other. This is the size of the wheel needed to use with the tire. The tire with the numbers above is made to be used with a 22.5 diameter wheel.


        • You will also see a number such as 156/150L. This is the load index and speed symbol. The load index tells you the maximum load the tire can support. The speed rating tells you the highest speed the tire can handle.


There may be a DOT symbol on the tire telling you the tire complies with the vehicle safety standards in the US. Right next to the DOT are 12 numbers and letters called tire identification number. This is like a serial number and helps indicate the company who produced the tire, when the tire was made, and where the factory is located. Feel free to contact us on OTRUSA.COM for more information 24/7.



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