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Advance Part #16180G

15-19.5 14PR G Advance 16174G Heavy Duty L4A (Steel Belt) BSW

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Part No.


Ply Rating / Load Range / Star Rating



Tread Depth (32nd)

Overall Diameter (in)

Overall Width (in)

Weight (lbs)


This listing is for new Advance Heavy Duty L4A (Nylon Belt) 15-19.5 G/14PR BSW Tires. Manufacturer part number: 16174G. The Advance Heavy Duty L4A (Nylon Belt) is a heavy duty, severe service skid-steer tire that is designed to perform on different applications. This can be used either in packed soil or in hard surface applications. The non-directional style of this tire makes it possible to be versatile in different conditions. This also features an augmented sidewall with curb and rim guard. This gives protection to the tire against sidewall and rim damage. This has been constructed to be durable and to have outstanding tread stability. Also, the Advance Heavy Duty L4A (Nylon Belt) hasbetter penetration resistance.

Construction/Skid Steer