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What is the TKPH/TMPH Rating and Why is it Important for OTR Tires?

What is the TKPH/TMPH Rating?

TKPH is short for Tonne-Kilometers Per Hour, and TMPH is short for Ton-miles Per Hour. The most common term is TKPH and will be the main term used in this article, as the meaning remains the same with only a change in chosen measurement system. TKPH is very important when understanding how much a tire can carry, as it is a measurement of how much the tire can carry in relation to heat generation. The TKPH of a tire is determined by the size, design, type, and material of the tire.

Why You Need to Know the TKPH/TMPH:

Selecting the right tire is crucial in determining how well it will meet the needs of a job. One of the main considerations is the TKPH rating; with the right rating, your tires will last longer, save costs, and save fuel over long-term use. A higher TKPH rating means the tire has high heat resistance suitable for long haul uses, but it also means it has lower wear resistance. This means you will be able to load for longer distances but at the cost of a shorter lifespan. A lower TKPH rating means the tire has low heat resistance suitable for shorter haul uses, but also has higher wear resistance. Suitable for short-haul uses and your tires will last longer.

Choosing the TKPH Rating:

In choosing the proper TKPH rating, you will need to consider what the tires will be used for. Important considerations include whether the tires will mainly carry long or short-haul loads. Tips on helping you choose include,

  1. Your operating TKPH should not exceed the tire TKPH rating. So make sure you choose a tire that can support your everyday use.
  2. How long will you be using the tires each day? This is the average working hours.
  3. There are TKPH calculators online available for free to help you calculate the right TKPH rating for the perfect OTR tires.

TKPH/TMPH ratings are tools used as a guideline mainly to make sure your tires do not overheat when in use. The rating is calculated based on the average operation conditions. Heat can be higher than expected due to unseen circumstances so it is important to make sure the TKPH rating is correct, with variance from your specific working conditions taken into account.

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