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What Are TPC (Tire Protection Chains)? Do I Need Them?

Traveling on difficult terrain is tough for tires, even for large machines, leading to increased repair costs. Since TPC can easily help to fix this problem by extending the usage time, why wait until it’s too late to save? TPC (Tire Protection Chains) are hardened steel mesh used to protect the tread and sidewalls of the tires. Due to its design, the flexible shape can be adjusted to every tire deformation to protect the tire from cuts, punctures and any damages while running over rough conditions such as on rock, fire, and ice. With high-level self-cleaning performance, it also prevents the tires from getting clogged, which ensures the best road-holding solution, as well as high performance on difficult landscapes.

Did you know that earth mover tires are the single most expensive factor of this operation, and also hard to find worldwide? Of course, no one wants to take risks due to budget constraints. That is why TPC barriers are needed to protect the tires from damage. TPC have several following advantages:

  1. Tire life is extended by a factor of 8, reducing tire costs
  2. Predictable durability of chains and tires allows for precise budgeting at lower costs
  3. Minimized downtime because of less frequent tire failureĀ 
  4. Improved operating stability and increased productivity
  5. Optimal tire protection means less tire maintenance

Overall, TPC became popular among professional tire users in the construction field because of its ability to reduce operating costs and increase productivity of tires. TPC extends the usage time of tires, meaning they do not need to be changed often. Moreover, the budget planning is more accurate because the durability of tires is foreseeable. These factors diminish the tire costs and running cost per hour. Furthermore, the tire is optimally protected which increases productivity, including greater penetration for digging and reducing downtime due to tire failure.

If you are looking for quality TPC, OTRUSA.COM is your final answer. We are a specialized wholesale OTR tire and TPC distributor for mining and construction industries across the USA. With over 20 years in the industry, our specialists are happy to help you find the best TPC from our selection of different brands, sizes, and models. To the get the TPC for your tires, please don’t hesitate to visit our website or give us a call at +1-855-687-8721.

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