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What are Foam Filled Tires and What Can They Be Used On?

Foam Filled tires are made with liquid urethane that fills up the tire. The liquid solidifies and replaces all the air inside the tire, which means that with no air left inside, foam tires cannot get flat. The material is strong but provides a soft ride similar to pneumatic tires. Foam tires come with strong advantages, which we will examine in this article.


  1. The main advantage to foam tires is they cannot get flat due to the lack of air inside.
  2. They are able to hold high shock absorption up to 65% compared to a normal pneumatic tire.
  3. Foam tires are designed to provide a much softer and more pleasant ride experience than solid tires.
  4. Foam tires come with a fixed air pressure that remains the same throughout the lifespan of the tires.
  5. A variety of different tires can be filled with foam according to the user’s choice, making it customizable for lots of different jobs. This means you can choose whatever brand and specifications of tire you like.
  6. The equipment wheel can be kept after the foam tire wears out by simply cutting it off.
  7. When rubber prices are high, choosing foam tires can be a cheaper alternative.


The components in a foam filled tire are oftentimes made by different brands. This includes the tire, liquid foam, and more, which means there is a chance that the components will not work well with each other. If this occurs, then a possible result is that the tires may crack or foam will spill out of the tires. Foam tires also come with less sidewall protection than solid tires, so it is important to consider what type of project or application the tires will be used for when selecting a foam tire.

Foam filled tires last longer than air filled tires suitable for use in similar jobs, but because there is foam inside the tires, they are heavier and harder to push. Air tires are usually twice as light and offer more bounce and rebound, so the choice depends on the application of the tire and the limits of your budget.


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