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Truck Tires: Commercial Tires VS Light Truck

Choosing the “right tire” depends on what application you will use your vehicle for. For long-lasting tires that perform efficiently, it is recommended to choose tires that are best catered for your daily use. To help with making the appropriate decision, let’s first take a look at the basic definition of both tires. Light Truck Tires, often referred to as LT Tires, are designed for both light and heavy use on trucks and other vehicles. LT tires are accurate to their name, as they are light but provide good traction on the road. The load capacity is usually up to one ton, while some are limited to half a ton. The internal construction is what makes these tires light yet strong, as well as gives protection against rough terrain. This means they can withstand industrial environments while carrying heavy loads. You can easily spot a light truck tire, as they usually have LT marked on the wheel.

Commercial Tires, on the other hand, are designed for working trucks. They are made to withstand large loads for long periods daily. Commercial tires are made for trucks, working machines, agricultural machines, and buses. They come with high load capacity and enhanced durability. To properly decide whether you should choose an LT truck tire or commercial tires, you must consider what the vehicle’s primary use will be. Although LT tires have no problem carrying heavy loads, vehicles that will carry daily extreme loads on tough terrain will be better equipped with commercial tires. LT tires are best if you are carrying lighter loads and operating basic daily truck applications. Not only will they provide the comfort that your work is in safe hands, but you can also rest easy knowing the tires you are using will come with the highest safety in the industry.

Commercial tires are also superior when considering the terrain. This is especially important if you will be using the vehicle every day on icy roads or rough terrain like landfills, where glass and metal scraps are the norm. In the long run, commercial tires will last longer when used for daily working purposes. LT tires give a more comfortable ride and are perfect for heavy loads on normal roads. When looking at the costs, commercial tires will come with a higher price tag but will offer savings in the long run, if used for business applications. You will be using the tires to their highest potential, thereby getting fuel savings, longer lifespan, and the highest safety possible. The short answer to the question is, if you plan to use your vehicle for work every day with heavy loads on rough terrain, then commercial tires will be your best investment. For comfort and normal terrain, LT tires are perfectly fine.

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