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Tread Pattern: Choosing the Right Design for Your Application


The difference between tire tread design patterns establishes the effectiveness of various vehicle operations. Knowing your applications can help you make an informed decision about which tires are best suited for your needs. A mismatch between the tread pattern design and application could lower the vehicle’s stability and performance, and also lead to serious problems later on. Understanding the capability of the tread pattern design is therefore an important aspect to consider when purchasing new tires.

Rock Pattern: This tread pattern is best suited for use in rocky areas. It provides excellent wear resistance by reducing damage from sharp rocks while also maximizing traction. This is the most popular tread pattern for Off-the-Road (OTR) tires.

Traction Pattern: This pattern has a directional tread design (direction of travel), and is suitable for rough terrain where traction is needed to provide proper stability. Please note that this tread pattern should face the opposite direction on free-rolling wheels.

Block Pattern: The design of Block pattern treads is mostly wide, and has rounded shoulders to reduce contact pressure and enable easy movement. It is appropriate for soft surfaces like muddy ground, which can otherwise limit the movement of heavy trucks.

Ribbed Pattern: This design has a standard depth for earthmoving applications. Tires with this tread design have grooves running parallel to the travel direction, ensuring low rolling resistance for better fuel economy. It is best suited for tractors and trailers using free-rolling wheels.

Smooth Pattern: The Smooth pattern is designed for tire rollers and does not have any tread grooves, aside from two narrow grooves used to measure tire wear. They are used for compacting and leveling, and are not suited for rough terrain.


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