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Tire Tread Designs: Why do Different Treads Matter?


There are many tread designs in the market, but what are the differences? Each type serves a specific purpose and driving style, with each tread designed to keep a car stable and safe in different road conditions. For example, a tread with a better grip is designed for digging into the ground’s surface, a tread with many grips is suitable for displacing water on the wet surface, etc. It’s important to choose the best match for your application. In general, there are 4 tread patterns to choose from:

Symmetrical Tread: The symmetrical tread is the most common pattern used for standard performance vehicles. Grooves and blocks across the whole tire help to maintain sufficient traction with the road and allow multiple rotation options. It is durable, quiet, and long-lasting, making it ideal for regular use.

Asymmetrical Directional Tread: This type blends several tread designs to support the maximum possible grip on the road and allow multiple rotation patterns, making it ideal for use on sports cars. The tire features are composed of larger outer treads for cornering and stability, and smaller inner treads to increase water dispersal and traction. It is important to note however, that it has a shorter life and higher cost compared to other tread types.

Directional or Unidirectional Tread: The directional/unidirectional tread is the only tread designed to roll in one direction. The design of the grooves is angled in a single-direction with a V-shape tread pattern, allowing the tires to move water away from the car and lower the chance of vehicle skidding on slippery roads or in poor driving conditions. However, it has limited rotation, shorter life, and higher cost than symmetrical tires.

Directional and Asymmetrical Tread: This type of tread merges the designs of the directional and asymmetrical tread for combined capabilities of traction and overall performance. It is the highest-performance model, typically suited for sports cars and is thus the most expensive design. Therefore, it may not be suitable if you are on a budget.

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