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The ways to Increase the Longevity of Your Truck Tires.

Keeping your truck tires in check is vital if you want safety and a long lifespan. Maintenance is the key and with proper care, your tires will never go flat on the road. Proper maintenance will result in higher fuel savings. We have gathered 5 tips, that if followed will make sure your truck tires last a long time and perform at their max performance.


Check Tread Depth

It is important to make sure each tire depth is right and deep enough to function properly on the road. There is an easy test that anyone can use to check the tread depth of truck tires. All you need is a coin. Stick a small coin in between the treads and if less than half of the coin can be seen then your tires are good to go. But if most of the coin is outside the tread then it is time to consider changing your set of tires.

Rotate tires

Every tire should be rotated every 6,000-8,000 miles as this helps make tread wear even throughout all the tires. When rotated accordingly to the recommendation, your truck tires will last a long time. This is an important tip for truck tires as often the heavyweight usage will result in rear tires being worn out more than the front tires.

Ensure the right pressure tire

Tire pressure is very important in maintaining safety and fuel efficiency. Checking the pressure is easy and will make sure your tires are at the perfect air pressure. All tires will run with the same rotation and provide smooth operation.

Wheel Alignment

If the wheel alignment is off your tires will wear unevenly and burn out faster than aligned wheels. Sometimes you can tell if the wheels are unaligned as the steering wheel will feel off balance. Another sign is if your truck vibrates more than usual when driving straight. Checking the wheel alignment will make sure your tires last the longest time.

Ensure proper training for drivers

Proper training for drivers will guarantee their personal safety and the trucks’ max performance. Drivers that know the importance of following road safety laws and truck maintenance will lessen the risk of any accidents happening. Knowing the importance of safety is the most important rule for any person operating machinery.


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