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The Benefits of CFO for IF and VF Tires

IF stands for Increased Flexion, and VF stands for Very-High Flexion. IF and VF tires are designed perfectly for operation on soil, and leave large footprints. These tires also function with low inflation pressure able to withstand heavy loads. Compared to a standard tire, an IF tire will operate at 20% lower inflation pressure. CFO stands for Cyclic Field Operations, and provides an increased load capacity, larger footprint, and better soil protection. This feature will be indicated by a stamp right after the rim nominal diameter stamp, which will measure the CFO for that IF or VF tire. If you see a CFO stamp, this means the tires are designed for agricultural machinery. These are large tires able to withstand cyclical field operations and allow for safe operations with heavy loads.

Many different types of tires exist, and although each has different designs for various purposes and applications, the main concern is always safety. In professional work especially, a safety issue can directly affect the company’s reputation and security. An IF radial tire can carry on average 20% heavier loads compared to a basic radial tire. Furthermore, if this IF tire also comes with a CFO marking, then the vehicle using these tires will be able to carry 55% heavier load, all without raising the inflation pressure. This means that these tires are at reduced risk of damage or leakage, even when operating larger loads. Examples of vehicles that use CFO tires include grain carts and seeder machinery.

The larger footprint that comes with CFO will provide more harvesting possibilities and save money in the long run. Choosing the right tires will make sure the job is done with precision and safety in mind. CFO will also reduce soil compaction, increasing harvest percentage. This will help with sustainable agriculture, if concern for the environment is important in your work. Overall, CFO tires used with the appropriate application will help boost work efficiency, tire performance, life span, and soil compact.


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