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Firestone Part #F365418

460/60D24 135A8 Firestone Floatation Super All Terrain TL

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Duraforce Utility Tires stand up to the toughest jobs and provide lasting durability. Used for construction applications, including wheel loaders, this OTR loader tire features Duraforce’s signature wide and flat contour and optimized tread pattern.

The Duraforce Utility’s wide and flat contour and optimised tread pattern ensure a high surface area contact patch, resulting in uniform wear and long-lasting performance

Reinforced sidewalls with exceptional lateral stability and cut resistance

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Part No.




Tread Depth (32nd)

Inflation Pressure (psi)

Overall Diameter (in)

Overall Width (in)

Static Loaded Radius (in)

Weight (lbs)

Dimension (LxWxH)

TT / TL / Solid / Foam Filled

The turf is greener on the Firestone side. The Flotation Super All Terrain turf tire incorporates the latest technologies, manufacturing techniques and engineering available to make it one of the most “turf-friendly” tires available. Every detail – the advanced tread design, tread depth, tire shape and more – is engineered to deliver the best ride, the most flotation and least turf disturbance to deliver the most beautiful, healthy turf possible. And ask about our Intelligent Tire EngineeringTM solution. This is our patent-pending solution that offers several popular sizes of industrial and turf tires that can fit the same wheel. ITE means you can change your mind without changing your wheels



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