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Can I Replace a Tire With a Different Brand and Tread Pattern?


Tires come in many different brands, types, sizes, and tread patterns, each designed with a specific purpose in mind. For example, All-Winter tires are made to run in snow and extreme cold weather. If winter tires are replaced with normal tires and then used in winter weather, there will be a much higher chance of an accident occurring. With this in mind, it is not recommended to mix tires in a set from different manufacturers or different tread patterns due to differing design and materials. The exception would be to change all 4 tires together as a set.


For your safety and the performance of your vehicle, manufacturers typically do not recommend mixing tires . It is important to make sure all the tires on a vehicle have the same brand, load index, size, speed rating, and tread pattern. There is an exception where replacing a different tire can work: mixing fitments that need different sizes on the front and back of the vehicle. When changing tires, all 4 should ideally be changed at once (or changed in pairs), as replacing a single tire can affect elements of the vehicle, including gear ratio, transmission, suspension system, and tread wear.


If replacing a single tire is unavoidable then it is important to make sure that the specifications match the remaining tires. This includes the tire size, tread pattern, tread compound, and internal construction. The new tire must be able to function together perfectly with the remaining tires. The tire installer must install the new tire on the rear axle of the vehicle. Putting on a new tire means you are mixing tread depths; new tires will have higher tread than the old ones. Installing them on the rear axle allows the driver to feel the traction of the tire while driving. In emergency situations where an alternative replacement is unavoidable, then the replacement tire should be exchanged as soon as possible with a model whose specifications match the rest of the set.


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