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TPC 53/80-63 TOUGH GRIP 22mm 10×10

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Link Width

Link Height

Link Length

Steel Gauge

Ring Interior Diameter

Ring Void Diameter

HS Code



Not only we make high standard chains, but we also bring solutions and new features.
TOUGH is proudly designed and engineered in USA and is different in some ways than any other brand.

Simplified mounting procedure
We standardized and labeled everything
– Crate position and orientation
– Pre-mounted lifting chain. Quicker and safer layout on the ground
– Color code identification: Blue link connects to Blue ring. Easy enough, right ?
– Smart inner side: Repair links along the inner side making the shortcut Fast&Easy
– Smart auto-lock plate: No more tools needed, and it’s safe and secure. Easy to remove.
TOUGH is all about decrease downtime and increase productivity

Parts and tool box
Unlike our competitors, we provide a second set of parts for maintenance, and this is a big saving.
– They are 100% interchangeable so you can order TOUGH parts and maintain other chains at a lower cost.
– 1 tool box for each chain, so you have 2 sets for a safe mounting.

This is unique on the market, we guarantee by contract that TOUGH will provide the best cost per hour of the market.
– Lowest Acquisition cost or Running hours?
TOUGH provides the best of both worlds.

Distribution Strategy
We believe that nothing can beat a good local dealer servicing their client.
– TOUGH always fully support the dealer, from teaching mounting procedure & maintaining the chains to protect his dealer in his market.
Sharing is key to success

I recommend to watch the online presentation (links below):

Recent Mounting: https://drive.google.com/open?id=16MPW-THY1GBxO85EVHIjNbIjJz76umMT

Online Catalog: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f3ieg1lp12ks9tr/TPC%20TOUGH%20CATALOG%202018.pdf?dl=0

Online Presentation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1FexYoRBUpUpUC9qQq1FsKEDdnBuQSyRZeIZILnnbnP0/edit?usp=sharing

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TPC Tough Catalog 2018
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TPC (Tire potection chains)