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Chain 26 x 100 Pewag HV G80 E10 L=55 links (5,500 mm)

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Part No.



5,500 mm


Conveyor Belt




HV – G80 E10 (Grade)

Steel Gauge

26 mm

PEWAG conveyor chains are made from fine-grained, non-aging special CrNi-, CrNiMo-, MnCr – alloyed steel.

By ensuring optimum heat treatment PEWAG maintains high-quality standards.

PEWAG conveyor chains have consistently high core quality which gives resistance to shock loadings and ensures maximum breaking loads and excellent fatigue strength can be achieved.

Case hardened conveyor chains can be used for operating temperatures of up to 200 °C (392°F) without loss of surface hardness.

The chains are manufactured with very close production tolerances to ensure a smooth, parallel run over the sprockets.

All round steel chains and components are matched regarding strength and uniform hardness, to minimize the wear and provide the greatest possible wear life and maximum chain life, to guarantee a long lasting chain system.
Extensive range of PEWAG conveyor chains up to 38 mm, chain couplings, chain sprockets, guide wheels, flight bars with flight attachments provide the optimum design for scraper conveyors in the bulk industry.