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LT-Metric VS P-Metric Tires: Are They Interchangeable?

These are 2 different types of tires, each designed for different purposes. P-Metric Tires are to be used with passenger vehicles, which are the most common cars we see used on the road by everyday people. P-metric tires are safe to use with trucks that travel light and are operated on gravel roads. Passenger tires are also designed with comfort in mind. Their special internal construction design is for use on highways and usually comes with a time warranty. They are designed to last for a long time or a guaranteed distance before needing to be replaced.

LT-metric tires are designed to be used with heavy loads and on rough terrain. Due to the design however, they come with a higher price tag. There is extra support on the tread and sidewall, providing enhanced security. The tire is constructed with an extra steel belt and thick rubber, making the tires very tough. LT tires use 8 or 10-ply, separated into load range D and load range E, whereas P-metric tires come with 4 or 6-ply sidewall. Due to the noticeably thicker sidewall and stronger internal construction, they are not as comfortable as passenger tires. LT tires also use more fuel and can be harder to control.

These tires are separated into different categories for a reason, and safety is the main concern. If you are operating on normal roads and won’t be carrying extreme loads, then P-metric tires will be the best fit. For jobs that go off road however, or require towing or carrying heavy loads, it is best to use LT-metric tires. If your daily life only requires P-metric tires then it will be a good long-term investment, as replacement and fuel efficiency costs will be cheaper. They also provide a smoother ride and longer life span. If you know there will be a lot of heavy loads, towing, or off road uses then it is best to choose LT-metric tires for the safety guarantee that they provide.


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