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Lawn Tractor & Mower Tires Guide: Buying The Right Tires

A quality lawn mower or tractor is important for completing your projects effectively. Your machine therefore needs the right tires! Generally, there are four primary factors to consider: lawn mower size, ply-rating, traction type, and price.

  • Lawn Mower Size

There are two different sizing systems: two-number system, and three number system.

For a two-number system, you will see a sign on the tire, such as 4.10-4 or “four ten by four”. This means the tire’s width is approximately 4.1 inches and the diameter of the rim is 4 inches. Knowing these two numbers is vital to finding the right size for a replacement tire.

A three-number system, for example, will read as 13×6.50-6, or “thirteen six-fifty by six”. This means that the overall height of the tire is 13 inches, the width of the tire is 6.5 inches, and the rim size is 6 inches.

Moreover, if you see NHS after the sizing numbers, your tires are “Not For Highway Service” meaning that these lawn tractor tires are not designed for highway speeds or cannot go very fast.

  •  Ply-Rating and Load Range

Normally, lawn mower and tractor tires always come with two ply-ratings. The standard option is A/2-ply which works on smooth level surfaces. Another option is B/4-ply, which is well-suited for heavier work besides just mowing, including projects on surfaces that contain obstacles.

  •  Traction Needs

There are three main patterns of lawn tractors including turf tread, knobby/all-terrain tires, and ribbed tires.

Firstly, the turf tread is the most common and usually has circumferential rows of chevron-shaped tread blocks. It offers traction, even on slick grass, while not damaging the turf. It can be used for both residential and commercial lawn mowers.

Secondly, the knobby or all-terrain option has large tread blocks and deeper grooves. There is a space between the blocks that makes it easier to remove debris or mud. The knobby can deal with more challenging terrain or heavier loads.

Lastly, the ribbed tire usually has circumferential grooves and straight ribs. It is built for durability and longevity. Most notably, it can easily roll for a long time and can dispel water, allowing you to mow a watered lawn.

  • Price

How much do you want to spend on lawn mower tires? Price variation depends on brand and size. Setting a budget is recommended to get the highest quality lawn mower tire that one can afford. For more advice, contact our specialists at OTRUSA.COM for help with the price range and offers on various types of tires.

For further information and inquiries, you are welcome to contact us at +1-855-687-8721.

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