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What are IF/VF Tires and How does this Technology Benefit Your AG Needs?

IF and VF tires are special tires with technology developed to help increase efficiency in farming and other related applications. IF stands for Increased Flexion and VF stands for Very High Flexion. In this article, we will take a look at what this technology is and how it benefits your agricultural tires.

IF Tires:

“Increased Flexion” tires are a type of radial tire introduced in 2006 by Michelin, with the first model being named Michelin Axiobib tires. When compared to an identically sized radial tire, an IF tire can carry loads that are 20% heavier. It can also carry the same amount of load when the tire is at 20% less pressure than a normal radial tire provided they are identical sizes. This is possible thanks to the increased flexibility of the sidewall compared to a normal radial tire.

VF Tires:

“Very Increased Flexion” tires were also introduced in 2003 by Michelin. The first VF tires were included in the Michelin Xeobib range of products. This is an even more enhanced type of tire with an increased performance of 40% compared to the IF range at 20%.

These types of tires can therefore carry the same load when the pressure is 40% lower than a standard type tire, or they can carry 40% more load when the pressure is the same as a standard type tire. It can do this because the technology used allows for a bigger footprint, which increases traction and reduces fuel consumption. A side effect is that these tires also reduce the degree to which soil is compacted by the passage of the vehicle, which further helps plant growth in farming.

IF and VF tires are popular in the agricultural industry for farming machinery, particularly due to the benefit of decreased soil compaction. The technology implemented in these tires helps preserve the integrity and quality of the soil, allowing fertilizers to work more effectively and plant productivity to exceed standards set by using normal radial tires. The use of IF and VF tires therefore not only increase your vehicles’ productivity, but are sustainable and environmentally friendly in the long run.

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