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How to Measure AG Rim Size

When upgrading the look of a vehicle, the wheel and rim are often the first component considered, as they are simple to replace with the help of a professional. But the wheel and rim hold much more importance than just the appearance. It is the base that connects the vehicle to the ground, and the right fit will ensure proper operation. There are 5 components to consider when correctly measuring AG rim size: 1) Diameter, 2) Width, 3) Offset, 4) Bolt Pattern, and 5) Backspacing.

When measuring these components, some models will need to include the rim’s lips, whereas some models can ignore the rim lip measurement. Diameter and width measurement will not include the rim’s lips. The main aspects that require rim lip measurement are the offset and backspacing. When measuring the AG rim, always do it with the rim off the wheel for precise results.

AG Tire Numbers

Measuring the rim manually is often unnecessary, as there is usually information provided on the tractor tire numbers. The first number indicates the width, and the second will indicate the diameter. Some tires have 3 numbers in order of diameter, width, and rim measurement. The measurements are always measured in inches, which is the recommended standard for the tires.

Rim Measuring

Start from the width of the bead sets and then measure from edge to edge. Oftentimes the measurements are already printed on the bead fledge as diameter/width. The next step is to look at the bolt pattern. If it is a 4-lug, then start from the middle point between the two opposite holes. If it is a 5-lug, then measure from one opposite hole to the other. In the case of a 6 or 8-lug, then you should measure using the middle point across from each other. Then measure the size of the bolt hole.


To find the offset, you have to measure the wheel from top to bottom and divide this number in half. This measurement is the vertical centerline. Next step is to measure the hub flange, and the result, when the numbers are subtracted, will let you know if you have a positive, zero, or negative offset.


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