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How Does Truck Alignment Work?

Many important mechanisms work together to operate a truck, including Truck Alignment, which is the adjustment of the suspension system. The suspension system connects to the wheels and operates together to drive the truck. It is important to keep all parts in a suspension system in order to ensure safety. This especially applies to trucks and commercial machines, because the heavier weight can lead to greater damage. Alignment will help make sure the axles and tires are at the right degrees and pointing toward the right direction. In this article we will discuss exactly how truck alignment works.

It is recommended that truck alignment be done by trained technicians, and big commercial trucks’ alignment should be done specifically by diesel technicians. Before the alignment of any truck, the technician will look at the specifications with information usually provided in the database they have. The angles are measured accurately using electronic sensors. The technician will be able to see if any adjustments are needed based on what the sensor says compared to the specifications. Different angles can be used to adjust the alignment.

These angles include Toe, Caster, and Thrust. Toe suspension is the measurement of how much the tires are turning inwards/outwards, as viewed from above. Toe-In alignment means both tires are angled inwards and Toe-Out means the alignment is outwards. The Caster is the angle of the steering axis viewed from the side. A positive caster means the steering axis is angled towards the driver and a negative caster means the steering axis is angled towards the front of the vehicle. The Thrust angle is used to line the rear axle to the front axle, as well as the center of the truck. 

The alignment is done using these angles and other techniques that can help make sure everything is working exactly as designed. Misalignment will cause tires to wear unevenly and the tread will wear down fast. This is especially detrimental for truck tires, especially commercial models, which can be very expensive and cost thousands to replace. With the right alignment, you will have a smooth ride, the highest safety, and maximum fuel efficiency.

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