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How Does the Tire Pressure Monitoring System Work?

Tire pressure is very important for maintaining a vehicle. The wrong pressure can put your vehicle at risk of compromising safety and damaging the tires. They will also burn more fuel, which will increase costs in the long run. Thankfully all cars manufactured after 2007 come equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system. This system provides easy pressure tracking and ensures operator safety on the road. Tire pressure is one of the most important factors in your vehicle, but luckily it is also very easy to monitor.

The right tire pressure ensures that the tires make full contact with the road, which in turn ensures the correct traction and control. When the pressure is low, the tire can lose traction and it becomes harder to stop the vehicle. Tires with low pressure are also weaker and can be damaged easily. With the right tire pressure, your vehicle will perform at the optimal traction for maximum control.

A tire pressure monitoring system is commonly referred to as TPMS. This is a system that continuously monitors the air pressure in your tires. The system was designed with safety in mind; under-inflated tires pose a risk to blowouts, which can be life-threatening on the road. The sensor is usually located in the tire and on modules inside the vehicle. When the level falls below the preferred air pressure level, the warning light turns on. The sensors then send signals to the monitoring system along with the wheel speed sensor reading.

The wheel speed sensor data is necessary, since under-inflated tires are smaller than properly inflated tires and will rotate faster than ideal. TPMSs that use an indirect system require a reset every time you refill the air. This can be done easily with a button, usually found under the steering wheel. If the warning light is still on after resetting, then the pressure may be wrong or there could be a leak in your tire.


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