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How Aperture Holes Affect Solid Tire Performance

Solid tires come in both smooth and aperture hole varieties. These holes allow air to enter and provide cushioning for the tire, which gives the ride a gentler experience by absorbing impact while in operation. This results in a comfortable ride for the operator. This is a good option for customers who want to enjoy the experience of an air tire, but still require the properties of a solid tire. Aside from the smooth ride, the aperture holes bring in air to help lower the internal temperature of the tire.

The temperature of a solid tire consistently rises the longer it is in operation. When used too long or too often, this can shorten the life of the tires. This is where aperture holes can be useful, as air continually flows through the tires during long operations. Solid tires with aperture holes are recommended for any user who will be operating the machine for a prolonged period of time. Replacement time, however, is a downside, as solid tires with aperture holes will require replacing as soon as they begin to wear. Smooth solid tires can be used longer, even when they have been worn down, due to the tread pattern. 

Smooth solid tires can carry heavier loads while maintaining stability. Exceedingly heavy loads on solid tires with aperture holes can lead to cracking, especially over long periods of time. Aperture holes can help protect the skid steer, since it is shock absorbent. The lack of shock absorption can sometimes cut the skid steer life in half, and can lead to health issues such as muscle or back pains. Operators will therefore experience much lower stress when operating machinery with aperture holes. There are details to the aperture holes that will determine how effective they are in operation, including the number, size, depth, and design. The higher the number of aperture holes there are, the more shock absorption there will be. For smooth operation and a pleasant operator experience, solid tires with aperture holes are the optimal recommended choice.


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