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Golf Cart Tires – A Quick Guide For Buying

Unsure how to choose the right tires for your golf cart? Here are the criteria to take into consideration before making a decision.

Tire Size

Standard golf cart tires are 18×8.5-10, which means 18″ tall (outer diameter) x 8.5″ wide (across the tread) x 10″ at the bead (inner diameter). Another size format can be 205/50-10, meaning the tread width is 205 mm, the aspect ratio is 50, and the size of the wheel is 10 inches. 

Tread Design

Many tread designs depend on your tire application and terrain. They vary from smooth for simple tasks to knobby for off-road and harder terrain. The following is a full list of the options:

  • Smooth Tires

Smooth tires have no tread at all, and are suitable for greens mowers or the wheels of zero-turn mowers.

  • Sand Tires

Since driving on the sand tends to cause sliding, sand tires are designed to have paddles to provide maximum traction under these conditions and to prevent a cart from slipping. 

  • Standard Street Tires

Street or turf tires are most commonly choice for current standard golf carts. These tires are the best option if you want a smooth ride on paved streets, yards, and turfed golf courses. They are designed to minimize damage to the fairways when you drive from hole to hole on the golf course.

  • All-Terrain Tires

This is the most versatile type of tire as they are designed to have smoother tread for driving on light on-road duty, but also have enough tread for off-road use. If you travel on both street and off-road, these tires may be the most suitable for you. The tradeoff however, is that they may not fit golf course usage because of their more aggressive tread pattern.

  • Knobby Tires

Knobby or off-road tires are designed to have more complicated treads, which are thicker and deeper than normal tires, to provide extra traction to push through mud and rocky trails. They are suitable for carts used predominantly in heavily wooded areas or through mud and sand.

Ply Rating

Ply rating measures the thickness and durability of the tire. A 2-Ply rating is ideal for golf usage and suitable for light to moderate off-roading while a 4-Ply tire is tougher and mostly used for golfing and moderate street driving. A 6-ply tire is for extreme off-road use and is the most durable for golf cart tires.

Tire Pressure (PSI)

Tire pressure is measured in Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI), which indicates how easily the tire can be rolled. The higher the tire pressure, the less power is needed to roll the golf cart, but at the cost of a stiffer ride and lower traction. An average golf cart tire is about 20-22 PSI, though many of them are between 15- 25 PSI.

Still not sure how to choose the tire that’s right for you? We’re here to help! Feel free to visit us at OTSURA.COM, or to call our specialists at +1-855-687-8721. We are happy to answer your questions and provide different good quality tire options to serve your needs and maximize the performance of your vehicle.

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