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Forklift Tires Guide: Choosing the Right Type for Your Project

Forklift tires designed for a range of different types of machines and specific jobs. Choosing the right tires will depend on the material that you are looking for and where the forklift will be used, and the right tires with the right safety concerns will maximize your productivity. The most common types of forklift tires are pneumatic and cushion tires.

Pneumatic Forklift Tires

Pneumatic tires look similar to typical truck tires and are recommended for outdoor work. They are bigger than cushion tires and can handle uneven grounds. These tires can also be used indoors as they perform well on different terrains.

There are 2 different types of pneumatic tires: air and solid.

  1. Air Pneumatic tires are pressurized with air, allowing them to work on both indoor and outdoor terrains. Made using rubber mounted to a metal hub, this type of tire is recommended for jobs requiring the forklift to work both inside and outside. It is designed to cover versatile applications on uneven grounds, and for sturdy drive when carrying heavy loads.
  2. Solid Pneumatic tires are made from solid rubber, making them extremely resistant to metal. They are therefore perfect for outdoor work such as landfills and agricultural sites. Though they often come with a higher price tag, they compensate with a longer lifespan.

Cushion Forklift Tires

Cushion Forklift Tires are recommended for indoor or smooth surfaces. They have a smaller radius that allows for easy movement and low noise. These tires are made from solid rubber mounted on a steel band. The price tag is also usually cheaper than Pneumatic tires. With a more compact size, cushion tires work well in warehouses, and are easy to drive even through narrow aisles.

There are also special forklift tires made for specific requirements:

Non-Marking Forklift Tires

Non-Marking Forklift Tires will not leave black marks on the floor. You can find both pneumatic tires and cushion tires that are non-marking. Often used in the food industry where cross-contamination of carbon dust needs to be avoided. This type is also recommended for warehouses that store paper, packaging, and clothing.

Polyurethane Forklift Tires

Polyurethane Forklift Tires are designed to last a very long time, even doubling the lifespan compared to rubber tires. They are made using lightweight press-on designs to help prevent splitting. These tires are recommended for lightweight loads, chemical resistance properties, and electric forklifts.

Still not sure about the best tire for your forklift? Ask our specialists at OTRUSA.COM! We have over 20 years of experience in the tire industry, and are happy to answer your questions and help you to make the right decision, so please feel free to give us a call at +1-855-687-8721.

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