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Forestry Tires: Key Points for Replacement

For a logger carrying tons of wood every day, what would be better than having good-performance forestry tires to lighten the workload? Efficient forestry tires help improve stability, enhance productivity, and save significant time. The forestry tire’s structure is composed of steel casting plies that improve resistance, stability, and strength of the tires. The rubber layer on the tread and sidewalls is also thicker to protect the tires from cuts. Forestry tires also have deeper lugs and treads to enhance traction capacity.

Replacement is ideally a long-term investment in your tires. Therefore, you must know the key points of good forestry tires before making a decision.

Ply Rating

Ply rating (PR) is a measurement of the durability and load capacity of a tire. The top tires have up to 32-ply. The heavier the ply rating, the better its capacity to carry massive logging machinery. Although the cost is higher, as good tires are heavier and stronger, it is worth the investment for long-term use.

Steel Belts and Compounds 

Steel belts help protect forestry tires from the rough surface of the forest, especially the vulnerable areas where there is less rubber. Moreover, rubber compounds shield the tire against rocks, limbs, and roots which cause damage to the treads. It is very important to choose forestry tires with compounds to prolong the lifetime of the tires.

Tire Performance

Most importantly, loggers need to consider good performance forestry tires that can withstand the rough landscapes. A strong lug not only reduces cracking, but helps stabilize the truck while lifting heavy loads, and also allows the tread to clean itself while operating.  

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