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Different Types of Truck Tires – Choose the Best Type for Your Truck

Are you looking for new truck tires? It is important to choose the right tires to match your tasks to reach their full potential. Before selecting new tires, check the types first so that you will not regret buying them and save a lot of money!

Here are 5 main types of truck tires that you should consider.

1. All Terrain tires
These tires are suitable for multi-purposes since they are capable on all road conditions, from smooth to rocky surfaces. They are durable, strong, and built for on-road performance. However, they may make noise and have a short thread life.

2. Off-road tires
These tires have the best road-gripping performance and are suitable for uneven surfaces. They have a long lifetime and are very durable. However, they are unsuitable for smooth roads and highway speeds. They may create some noise during usage.

3. Highway tires
If you use tires daily, these truck tires are for you. They are good for driving on highways that require a smooth and quiet ride for a long time. Nevertheless, highway tires are not durable on rough terrains.

4. Mud tires
Like the name, these tires are suitable for riding on off-road and muddy surfaces. The aggressive pattern allows them to firmly grip on slopes or ditches. They are moderately resistant to punctures and have a long lifetime. However, mud tires can be damaged quickly on pavement.

5. Winter tires
For those living in cold weather, you might need these tires to maintain their performance during winter. They are designed to grip the icy surfaces and clear out the snow on the terrain. The soft rubber makes them flexible even in low temperatures. However, they need special care to maintain which is more expensive.

Don’t forget to consider the type of tires regarding your job and environment! Now it’s time to choose your tires. Still not sure? Come to consult with us at OTRUSA.COM. We have specialists who offer personalized help and various types of tires for you.



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