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    OTRUSA.com shall have a general lien on any and all property, wherever located, for all claims for freight and related charges, expenses, advances, interest for accounts outstanding at 18% per annum (1.5% per month), and attorneys fees incurred, and for other charges incurred by OTRUSA.com , in connection with any shipments, including past shipments, of the undersigned company. The undersigned Company further agrees that it shall be jointly and severally liable for all charges described above for any amount of credit extended by this Credit Agreement and General Lien Agreement, and OTRUSA.com may recover, at its sole option, all charges described above directly from the undersigned Company without first seeking payment from any other person or company. The above information is required in order to establish an open account with your firm, with the understanding, that all charges will be paid within the agreed terms from date
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