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Choosing Truck Tires: 11R22.5 vs 11R24.5

Truck tires come with codes that specify important information for your truck. The codes will provide information via a pattern that can be used universally for all truck tires. Code 11R22.5 starts with the section width of the tire, which is 11 inches. This number will be followed by the type of tire; the R marks it as a Radial tire. The number that follows is the rim diameter with the rim type, which in this case is 22.5 inches wide. 

An easy guideline to remember is that the wider the tire, the more it can withstand heavier loads. A 22-rim diameter is commonly recommended for vans and lighter trucks. In contrast, a 24.5 rim diameter is commonly used on bigger trucks. But which is the right tire for you? 11R22.5 tires will save you more fuel in the long run, as they are smaller and lighter. If your vehicle is a normal truck and will not be carrying heavy loads regularly, then 11R22.5 tires will sufficiently meet your needs. But if you are using this vehicle on icy roads then it is fair to consider an 11R24.5, as it will provide you with more traction due to the wider surface area.

One detail to keep in mind is an 11R24.5 will run at a higher fuel usage due to the heavier weight. The bigger tire will also make controlling the vehicle easier, especially when braking and on long drives with heavy loads. The maximum loads for them are also different; the 11R22.5 tires will typically run at a maximum load of 6175 lbs with an inflation pressure of 105 psi. By contrast, the 11R24.5 tires run at a maximum load of 6610 lbs with the same inflation pressure. The tires will also be marked with the letter F, G, or H which will tell you the ply rating. They are rated between 12 to 16 ply on both sizes and high plies mean more resistance to wear and tear.


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