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All-Terrain Tires: What are the Pros and Cons?

All-Terrain tires combine the design of street tires with off-road tires, and are able to hold high traction on all terrains. They are designed to essentially be all-purpose tires that can retain functionality driving either on the highway or on rough off-road terrain. This is the best type of tire for users who will be driving their vehicle on multiple terrains. Just like any type of tire, there are pros and cons, which will be covered below.


All-Weather Tires: Since All-terrain tires are designed to be all-purpose, they can function in all weather, and can withstand weather at all humidity levels. This includes functioning in winter weather, although it is still recommended to use specific winter tires due to the risk of extremely slippery roads.

Open-Tread Design: Tread design is what gives all-terrain tires its traction properties. The open-tread helps give traction on all surfaces. The patterns and locking grips on these tires make them highly safe even while driving on mud or extremely rough terrain. The pattern also works efficiently on normal roads such as highways.

Reinforced Sidewalls: Not all tires come with reinforced sidewalls, and only some all-terrain tires come with this design. Tires with reinforced sidewalls are recommended for carrying heavy loads. These tires are specially designed for heavy trucks and rough terrain use. This is also a good choice for users who like camping or fishing in outdoor environments.


Shorter Tread Life: All-terrain tires are made with softer rubber than other models because of its traction qualities. However, many manufacturers have realized this comes at the cost of shorter tread life and worked to improve the design of all-terrain tires to last 50,000-70,000 miles.

Fuel Efficiency: All-terrain tires are more fuel efficient than off-road tires, but are less efficient than regular tires. This is simply because the traction qualities require more fuel. But compared to off-road tires, they are still more fuel efficient. It is therefore important to correctly choose the tires based on your lifestyle and application needs.

Noise: Compared to regular tires, all-terrain tires are louder. The tread design has patterns that make noise often from the air flowing through them. The noise is often covered up by the motor sound of the vehicle, however, and is usually not an issue while in use.

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